Retail is our home

With a collective 95 years in retail, we know the challenges you face. Now we've built everything that we wanted when we were in your shoes – and that's True.

Our Promise

Backed by a decade of happy customers, we go above and beyond to serve our customers, our customers’ customers, and so on.

You own the customer

Unlike other tech service providers, you have total control over your customers with True. Your customers belong to you, even if you stop using us – no strings attached.

US-based support analysts

Our approach to tech support is simple: our tech analysts are based in the US, speaking English and Spanish every day of the year. This means that no matter what time your customers call, they'll be understood.

We grow with you

The True platform will continue to grow with you, providing new functionality and breakthrough capabilities as your business grows and changes. We're constantly expanding our platform with in-house developers as your needs change.

Security is our top priority

We take your security – and your customers' security – seriously. We always protect personal information with industry-leading technology and strict security standards.

Our History

We’re proud of where we’ve come from. Here’s a bit about our story.

2021 Launched ecommerce platform, fully automated and integrated with the rest of our cloud platform.
2019 Launched a suite of 25+ tech services for Walmart – including 24/7 Tech Support.
2019 Recognized as first company to automate subscription management integration with McAfee.
2018 Migrated proprietary platforms to the cloud, expanding service offerings to process orders live.
2017 Launched retail tech support and services with our first big box retailer.
2016 Expanded the team with a complete suite of cloud services for enterprise.
2012 Recognized as the first company to automate the Synnex API integration.
2011 Recognized by Microsoft as the first company to successfully integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
2010 Launched Vision, our one-stop platform for processing orders, quotes, payroll, and keeping track of customers.
2009 Added US-based software development to the team.
2000 Founded True Network Solutions as a tech services provider in Chicago, Illinois.